Those days..

Those days you’re just not good enough. The days you do EVERYTHING you can and nothing is done right, nothing is good, you’re garbage….


That’s today.

I love when you’re doing literally everything you think is right, everything to try to make it easier on everyone else, but taking the whole load on yourself…

It. Isn’t. Healthy.

It isn’t right.

Fuck everyone else. Focus on you and yours. That’s really all that matters. And when you do…it gets better, and then when you start adding others…it gets worse… Sooo much worse.

Life is hard. Drugs are real, drugs drown things, cutting downs things, cigarettes, beer…drowns things… But damn… Don’t you want to not feel like you need an out… ?

I damn sure do.

That’s all for tonight my friends.

Stay happy, stay healthy. Stay alive.


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