Preemie awareness month!

So, seeing as I’m gonna start this whole thing, I figured I should start with something special to me. The thing that started my whole motherhood journey.. Premature birth.

September is preemie awareness month! So let’s talk about my little miracle baby …

Mr Micah decided he wanted to make his entrance into this world something nobody would forget (not that you ever forget the memories of your kids being born). He came into this world at 30 weeks and 2 days. Quite early. And very tiny, weighing in at 2 pounds 5.6 ounces, and barely longer than a ruler.

The first kiss, 6 days old and we could finally touch him and love on him.

When I think back to those long days, the walks to and from the NICU 90 times a day, the phone calls and emails, the heart rate drops, the intubations, the time he made it to his big boy crib and got to finally wear clothes because he hit 3 pounds…… It amazes me… Truly amazes me. We’ve come a long way these past 5 years. But we still have struggles from him being born so early.

Making his way to his crib. Here’s his “condo” he got to live in for a while. Nice and warm, finally 3 pounds and wearing clothes 💙

He will always have breathing problems, he’s got chronic lung disease. But we chucked the oxygen machine right after he turned one..

He’s got a special kidney, just one..the other one ate itself away.

He’s smaller than the kids his age, gets pushed around and bullied because although he is just as smart and quick, he is smaller so obviously the kids have the upper hand… But none of this has ever stopped him from pushing thru day by day. He is strong. He is a fighter. He is my little miracle baby.

September is preemie awareness month. Often I don’t talk about it. Everyone asks why, or assumes it was because I did something. But the truth of the matter is… Premature births can happen to anyone. Anywhere. Any time. I didn’t do drugs. I didn’t do anything to make this happen. The doctors even told me there was nothing I could have done to make him be born alive. They gave up on him after the 16 week ultrasound. I am so glad that I didn’t tho. Because I didn’t give up, I have a little warrior. And I should promote preemie awareness way more than I do. I fail him every time I avoid the conversation. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. We talk about “normal” births all the time…. So why not feel proud and share the not so normal entrances into this world.

Hug your little ones. Appreciate everything. Because life is short, and you never really know what will happen.

So keep in mind all those mommas who are struggling in the NICU this month, or struggling at home with all their machines. They need mental breaks too. Motherhood is exhausting. But those little preemies make it seem 100 times more exhausting🤣

I’m glad we ditched the machines. I’m thankful he’s here and thriving. He’s got a surgery coming up in a few months, just another little issue. It’ll be his second surgery since he was born. Hopefully we won’t have to go thru this again. But he’s excited, he gets to pick out an optimus prime toy to make him brave during his special day..🤦🤣

Keep on keeping on tiny little shits. You drive us crazy, but we love you more than you’ll ever know. We fought for you, just as much as you fought for yourself…without even knowing it, you were all born little warriors. And you’re all special little humans.

Sassy spunky 5 year old. 💙

Until next time,


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